Friday, 11 July 2014

Let things come as they go…!

Hello colorlovers, 

I hope you enjoy your days. In Germany it's raining most of the time, pretty much good in the ramadan season. Anyway, this post is all about Kimono's and how to style it.

To me a Kimono is all about the fabric and the print.
If one of it, or both aspects fail, it's not a kimono it's just a piece of fabric. I love Kimono's but only have one sadly in my wardrobe. I am always inspired by asian art and cuisine and that's why a kimono definitely had to be in my wardrobe. There are so many boutiques, designers and shops who sell beautiful kimonos.

I picked those for you, where you can buy them.


The Hut



as for the bottom you can wear straight cut pants

H&M – 25€




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