Friday, 4 July 2014

Fashion Post – L'AFSHAR

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Today's designer is about L'ASFSHAR.
The designer Lilian Afshar is ancestrally from Iran but lives in Dubai. She also travelled across other cities like, London, Marbella and Vancouver.

One thing that caught my attention on her designs is the scarab beetle that is on each of her clutches. The scarab is a common bug in the middle east, and the dragonfly
is a symbol of change, adaptability, joy and strength.

She describes the scarab and dragonfly mix as "East meets West"
The price range of each of the clutches are between 250-550€
The clutch is made of acrylic perspex material, which is transparent and the scarab beetle is lasered on each of her designs.
They come in three sizes
Small = 14,5cm x 7,5cm
Medium = 19,5cm x 10cm
Large = 24cm x 14cm

I picked up my favorite clutches of her collections.
Check out her website for more.


The images are from Büro 247 and Flair Magazine

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