Saturday, 12 July 2014

Fashion Post - Turbans

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hope you enjoy your days. Today's post won't be about one special designer but about where to find turbans and the way you can tie them, as I have been asked lately where to find turbans. 

The turban is in the eastern world a symbol of protection and respect. It's popular in places like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Middle East, North and East Africa, South Asia and parts of Jamaica. The turban can vary in the way you style it, there are several styles you can do.

In the 20's Paul Poiret made the turban in the western area en vogue, and ever since it became popular, a benchmark for luxury and class. Chanel and Prada made the turban stand out more in the 50's and 60's. Famous film stars like
Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren wore it.

It's actually really easy. The first time I saw the turban I thought it was difficult and not as easy as it looks like and was worried if the turban will stay in position on my head without worrying that during the day it looks like if I had a scarf war.

Well, I think many women had the same problem as me and that's why a lot of designers felt obliged to design the most popular headscarf style as a ready to wear piece. 
I came across a lot of designers, who deal with rich materials and understand what a woman with standards wants indeed, to look good on any occasion.

First of all it's good to know how it's tied.
There are several videos and vloggers who shows how to tie a turban step by step. 

The easiest ones are these ones.

or check out this one

or this one

I would have put lots more, but I just picked the ones where I think it's easy to begin with, and are  nice to try out with lots of other styles. So be creative.

Now as so many still don't want to do it on their own, you are able to find several boutiques and shops.

I am going to list some boutiques and turban sellers you can wear ready.


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