Saturday, 19 July 2014

Designer of the week – Alexis Mabille

Hello Colorlovers, 

hope you enjoy your days, and ramadan goes well with my muslim readers. Fasting isn't actually only about feeling hungry and thirsty, but just to feel how others need our help and how good we are living sometimes, even our pains and aches and losses, are nothing towards millions of others who are suffering from diseases and problems we can't even imagine. We should be helping each other and not planting hatred and negativity around the world, because we all live in it and what goes around comes back around, to all of us. There is so much more to learn through this month of Ramadan.

Now to the designer of the week, who isn't actually unknown but I had to mention him on my blog. Since I have seen his designs on a girl wearing it on lookbook. I wondered who the designer is. I love the fabrics he uses and the cuts. The designer I am talking about is called Alexis Mabille. He is currently living in Marais, Paris (France).

You can visit his page here Alexis Mabille

or his eShop here Alexis Mabille eShop

I picked up those pieces that I loved the most and especially that it's flattering and that some suited my thoughts of dressing modest but still in fashion. The mixture of tulle with different fabrics makes it so feminine.

Depending on the treasures from his eShop, I suggest you to go by yourself and discover what he has designed.


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