Monday, 26 January 2015

Designer of the Week – Vika Gazinskaya

Hello colorlovers, 

I am always impressed by new, to me unknown, designers and find out their amazing work. The following designer is a true fashion artist!

The cuts and the colors and prints, are well put together, to form a complete dress or look. The looks to me, have something of a painting, you can say a minimal art painting. 

The designer is called Vika Gazinskaya, I have never seen a lot of russian fashion designers, and here I have my first impression of how amazing russian fashion designers are.

Their website VIKA GAZINSKAYA is a bit slow loading to me and I couldn't see an actual Spring Summer collection for 2014, except on different pages outside their website like modaoperandi.
So you have to search through the web to see some of the collections. I also found their facebook page just click here.

I especially loved the ones with the rubans and the combination with a short cape full of lovely paisley like patterns. Another things that caught my eye aswell, next to the prints are the straight cuts which make the looks feel timeless to me, just like a painting! A painting on a nice white canvas. 

Well I picked up the looks, that I loved the most, so just let me know what you think and how you like the looks and style of 

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