Wednesday, 21 January 2015

ChriMaLuxe – Mineral Make-Up

Hello colorlovers, 

I am absolutely not into doing reviews especially not makeup, but I wanted to show you ladies still, this kind of pigmented mineral makeup, that I have been lately using, because I haven't seen it on other bloggers maybe on 2, but it's not that well known somehow.

I was in search for a new makeup and I actually wanted it on a mineral base and came along ChriMaLuxe. They mostly use ingredients like iron oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, etc..and 
they don't use  oils, fats, preservatives, talc and other fragrance substances! So it's absolutely free from harsh chemicals. 

Well I tried 9 examples of them out, and here is what I came up with at the end.

I ordered 9 samples of different categories: eyeshadows, blush, foundation, silk powder and concealer. I have a slightly light skin color with golden undertones.

I absolutely loved the high pigmented eyeshadows. You can easily blend them, so you can reach the color level you like. I love natural colors actually, so that's why I chose brown and a bit of reddish color tones.

Depending the blush No12, it was very very light colored, It doesn't matter how much powder I use of it, it is still light. Sometimes I have to put more and more of it, to reach the right color to contour my face! Well the other blush No04 is really heavy, from this one I just use it on the sides of my cheekbones and I never go in the middle of my face with it, it would look cakey! I guess I chose this wrong for myself.

The Foundation I was very happy with, especially "and actually only the Jasmin caramel one" which was meant for my skincolor. The Jasmin olive opaque is suitable for women with greenish undertones. I thought it would work aswell on me, but it absolutely didn't. Plus if you apply this foundation, your dry patches on your face might not get covered at all. Make sure you moisturize your face if you want to use it. Then it works well.

The concealer was just the master!!! It covered everything!!!
It was just definitely too light. When I put it on myself, it is like you can truly see that I put on concealer, so this is just if you have a really pale white skintone. I wouldn't use this concealer ever as concealer but more brighten up little dark patches. It totally covered up the blush as you can see on the last photo. My favorite concealer still will remain the one from benefit "fake up".

I haven't put a photo of it here, because I really think it is just a usual powder with no effects. I just couldn't see any effect of it on my skin to be honest. Whatever I do there doesn't show up any noticable results.

So, to use these mineral powders, is good if you mix the pigments with your daily make-up or the foundations with your facial creams. If you use them without mixing it with other cosmetics, then you have to make sure to use a very good brush and blend well. 

Tell me what you think of them, and is there anyone who also tried them out, if so how did you like it?

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