Saturday, 3 May 2014

Fashion Post - Hafsa Lodi

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I hope ur all doing well.
My Post today will be about a gorgeous designer. 
I always like to search for unknown, or let's say for not label fashion designers. They are (despite that they are not expensive) really great designers and know their m├ętier. Plus I love their stories and philosophies behind their image. 

Everyone knows Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Chanel and several other brands. I mean their work is nice but millions of them wear their brands, whether the brand has a fake logo of their favorite designer or not and sometimes people do not see other great young designers who has such a huge creativity. 
It's so unique and rare to see their pieces on the streets. Those brands are the number one for fashionistas to stand out among the ocean of luxury and high fashion brands.

Today I am introducing you one of my favorite fashion designer. Their brand is called HAFSA LODI. Mostly known in the middle east areas. I can't wait to purchase something from them.
Their collection is a fusion of abayas and shirts with arabic words printed on the clothes, lots of tassles (and lately) laces.

The only bad thing about that all, is that they do not have an own website, so u can check their collection all in one place out, but you can have a look on


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