Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fashion Post - Fyunka

Hello colorlovers, 

today's amazing Designer will be about Fyunka. A young Designer, she is called Alaa Balkhy from Saudi Arabia and Owner of her fashion brand Fyunka. You can see her influences in her work as a Graphic-Designer and Illustrator. 

I especially love how she combines her illustrations with fashion and she does it pretty much well and her results are really cute. 

Beyond this I loved how she shows her culture and reflects it in her colorful works.

Sad thing you can't find an online shop of her, it's pretty much difficult for someone who wants to order something of her to find where to buy, but I will list the social media she uses, so you can contact her, if you really want to buy something of her great pieces.


Anyway it's definitely worth it, to check out her work. 
I will show some of her gorgeous pieces.

that's her the beautiful founder behind the brand Fyunka

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