Friday, 30 May 2014

Fashion Post - Manoush

Hello colorlovers, 

like every saturday, I have for you another great designer.
Today it's called Manoush, for everyone who loves the boho style, this is a great source to shop or find inspiration. They have colorful dresses and pants and overalls, actually everything.

I still remember their old website style, but they have actualized it of course and it looks amazing. 

Their style is full of embroideries , sequins and colorful prints.
 About the designer Frederique who after her trip to Marrakech she came back with lots of inspirations she first created accessories, after lots of other trips to India, Middle East and Africa she founded the brand Manoush. So are all of her collection a reflection of what inspired her in those areas she travelled to and her results are absolutely stunning, handcrafted, embroidered clothes and oriental influenced accessories.

You can find the website of Manoush here Manoush

I still remember her older collections, they were colorful, full of details, tassles and embroideries. This seasons collection is a bit much matte when comparing it with the former collections, but she still manages it to put her own sense of style in every piece of the looks.

I picked out my favorites, but I think there are lots of others who like different kind of styles, so just have a look!

Always enjoy seeing her collections!

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