Monday, 8 July 2013

I know that u'll pull through like a phoenix from the flames

Hello Colourlover,

what a week, finally sunny and flattering clothes are worn, sandals, sun, ice cream, heat, thirst, pool, music.. Ohh summer is so great! I have finally made it to edit my pictures..
This is dedicated to a special kind of person, standing with me even during my hardest battles and still can handle that :).. Well, well, before my sister kills me :D it is her ring that I always wear, she never uses it, so I always take it from her, I hope she don't read that here.. check it also out on

PS: To my muslim readers Ramadan Kareem :) I hope you will try to do the best out of it! No need to act super faithful! Just do it for yourself to be a better person!

With lots of love Fatma aka Miss-Peacock xx


  1. Masha'allh ,, very kash5ah ( Chic ) <333

  2. omg i hv these pants too! great minds think alike ;) ramadhan kareem love. follow my blog n subscribe to my youtube?


..thank you colourlover ♥