Thursday, 2 May 2013

Windmill Windmill for the land..

Hello Colourlovers, 

I have been listening to a music that I haven't been listening to for years! It is the song of "gorillaz - feel good" I really love their lyrics and the video of it! Especially their lyrics got me! But not only their lyrics but the lyrics of Tyga ft Adele Reminded! Anyways.. 
Yesterday I tried to finish some work for my university but saw that my software isn't up to date, so nothing worked and I was sitting there had nothing to do but to get dressed up and took my sister to take some photos with me.. 
I was wishing the sun would be a bit more shiny on that day and a bit warmer, well we finally made it! :) 
I think I am going to write a blogpost completely about her! 
What I wore 
On lookbook => click

Headscarf - Berschka
Vest - C&A
Top - H&M
Pants - Zara


  1. hoep you remember me Laila! So nice to come back to blogger and find so many new posts from my fav bloggers :) you look so great in your turban? how do you use it? have any tutorial that you go to? hope you could check out my new blog that I've finally made there's a ASOS GIVEAWAY VOUCHER don't miss it!

    xoxo, Alee

  2. oh dear fatma! i got your name mix up so sorry apologies my dear!

    xoxo Alee

  3. love the zara pants, we seriously cant live without zara


..thank you colourlover ♥