Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Emerald Queen

Hello Colourlovers! 

Sometimes it's really upsetting not living with someone you really really want to... 
Not seeing them because they are living abroad, far away from you.. 
The only dream of just getting the feet up from the ground and flying directly to them, that would be soo amazing and it just would give me the feeling of having butterflies in my stomach!
 It is everyday the same getting up in the morning knowing that the weather is the same, the people the same, the cities the same.. 
Well the only thing that really made me feel like jumping in the sky and screaming YAAAAAAAYYYY, was when I got a job where I really really wanted to work in, but still have fear to ruin something there and they fire me :D GOD! That is absolutely a crazy feeling! I will give my best!! 
Anyways what I wanted to say is, whenever you get the chance to fly around the world, meet new people and knowing that your family is around you, just simply be thankful to god! Whenever you have the chance to hop on a plane in your summer vacations and visit nice places be thankful to see more and come around! Especially for me as I used to be around most of the countries and now have to stay on one place until I finish my university..

Now about my look of the last week 

Headscarf - Berschka
Top - H&M
iPhone Plug - IPhoria
Necklace - was a present
Ring - H&M
Jeans - H&M


  1. Love the look: the colour and how it flows. Cool as a cucumber : ) Sarita x

  2. you look amazing ,, I love your outfit ,,


..thank you colourlover ♥