Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Hi colourlovers...

I think many of you have so many sunglasses like me, if not then I am sure that I have a weakness for sunglasses! And yeah I could say that have got ALL the shapes.. 
But I can do that :P :D hahaha Because I have an oval faceshape.. Well anyways.. 

Now to advise you before ladies, it is still better to go to the shops and try it on your own and don't try to imitate anyone, because it suited them most or something, NEVER!! 
Absolutely a NO GO.. 

If you want to buy a sunglass or also simply glasses, just try as many as you can and pick those you think they suits you and after try to compare it with the theory which I will list now!


Which glasses for which faceshape
This seasons favourites are the mirrored lense, geometric shape, round and the cateye..

Let's start with  

with the Heartshaped Face
The heartshaped face can be lucky to wear the fabulous cat eye shape


The Oval Faceshape is blessed to wear every shape 

Then we have the Square shaped face
should better wear rounded glasses, so it can soften your faceshape

Last but not least the Round Faceshape
Those ladies should better pick the geometrical glasses!The sharp angles will play off the round silhouette of your face

Well colourlovers, that's it! So simple and I am sure very very sure, that if you go shopping next time and you start trying different glasses you will see the difference and you will see which glassshape loves your face more ;)

Have sunny days ladies!

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