Sunday, 3 March 2013

Future Garments - Designer: Hussein Chalayan, Ying Gao and many otherss

Hello colourlovers! 

The days are fading away and there are so many things to do, like applying for an internship, which I am still preparing.. But let me show you something that I have found through my researches for uni.. It led me to search about LED/interactive clothing... Something that might sound for some crazy and unlikely.. But the designers are trying to create dresses that interacts with the emotions or touches and feelings.. So the colours may change or the shape of the garment.. 

What they finally created is mind blowing and if I could afford them I would buy one. I especially loved the way the colours changed, the only thing that I would just wish is if it is maybe possible to change the shape of the dress a bit faster, but hey.. I could dream of owning such a dress, so I am enjoying watching it ;) and I hope you too!

Here are some videos that I found that shows how it looks like, and really you have to watch them to understand what I am talking about..


some of the awesome designers working on this future garments are Ying Gao

or the Designer Hussein Chalayan, who works on Animatronic fashion garments and created breathetaking dresses AND hats.. don't miss!

or the one designed by Philips Design just click on the name and it will lead you to the video..

And oh tell me what you think of those clothings and would you wear this, or do you think it can be just for people who are a way too extroverted..?

I am curious about your thoughts :)

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