Friday, 18 May 2012

Amazing Trends - Mint

Hi colour Lovers, 

I think you have all noticed the trend of the colour "mint" in every way, like jeans, tops, shoes, bags, accessories, "some dye single stripes of their hair in mint" (but I don't like that)... So what I did on Polyvore is a (we can call that collection) collection where the most worn or the most pieces that I have seen through blogs, trendsetters or on runways were wearing.... 

My personal view is when people wear jeans in "mint" I simply hate that !!!! it doesn't look good anymore, I am not sure why but maybe because of the many people who just wear it wrong with no great combination or wrong cut of the pants !!!

Anyway here I collected on polyvore some pieces that I saw in mint on people and just tell me what you think about that colour and the 
combination people do with this colour! 

And please please vote on the left side on my blog there are two questions that I have put, please answer them it would help me 
to post you things better... 

Thank You coloured peacocks !


  1. love mint! such wonderful stuff´in the collage :)

  2. nice collage! and i love this colour!!


..thank you colourlover ♥