Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Amazing Designers - Hamda Al Fahim

Hi Peacocks! 

I'm still keeping you updated to the best designers I discover... and today the "amazing designer" is called Hamda Al Fahim...

some facts about her:

- she's an UAE designer

- born in 1985 in the UAE

- she grew up in Abu Dhabi

- she graduated from the College of Art and Science

- before being a fashion designer, she was an interior designer

- over the years she specialized in making evening dresses

- she works with different materials and her designs always varies, from using the richness of organza to capturing the sensuality of lace and much more...

- To deliver joy and confidence, to add more spark and fulfillment to people’s life through her fashion and art, is the young designer’s goal. And this is just the beginning towards realizing that vision…
(I just copied this sentence as it is on her website, I loved it.. it just tells how much she loves her work and how her love to fashion looks in her creations!)

Well I think those little facts needs some pictures of the designs and creations she did! So I won't talk too much... I picked up those pieces that "I" loved so I think everyone should go on his own to the website of Hamda Al Fahmi and make his own opinion about her work! I'm sure the most of you will love her work ;)

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