Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Der 7. Blogaward - The 7th Blogaward

I thank you for this award. Well I have to give this award on other 30 blogs and write 30 things about me... haha hmmm well I am a little bit overloaded.. anyway I am trying to go through this and fill in the rules that are given to me..

Rules : 1. Link the person in your post you got the award from
            2. Write down 7 things about yourself
            3. give the award on 30 more bloggers

7 things about me... ahhhm yess

1. I love shopping
2. I hate hate hate maths, thank god I do not have maths in my studies
3. I hate imitators
4. I only have 4 flat shoes and the rest of up to 30 shoes are high heels, I just love them instead  of the flat shoes.. but sometimes flat are more comfortable if carrying a huge bag -.- or a laptop with you the whole day
5. I love the blue colour
6. I love vintage <3
7. I hate training pants or jogging pants, I just hate them, how can someone go out with such a horrible piece of cloth yuk !!

So, I did it, you also got to know me a little bit better, anyway and now I am going to give this award on 30 bloggers, I'm having fun!!  :D haha

I thank Jenny for giving me this award <3 - Danke Jenny für diesen Award <3

The 30 Bloggers


  1. Cream's Beauty - ist wirklich ein toller Blog - zurecht gewonnen.

  2. Ich liebe Blogawards :)
    Schaue mir die Blogs dann immer sehr gerne an.

    Hast es dir verdient.
    Hoffe dir gehts gut Fatma :)



  3. I LOVE shopping too... Off course who doesn't? :p Lovely blog here :)


  4. hey, hast du lust auf gegenseitiges Verfolgen?(:


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..thank you colourlover ♥