Friday, 25 November 2011


Hey Little Peacocks,

today I was in Berschka , a shop which is for me a a very great one, I hope one day Topshop will come to cologne... well there are really amazing things to shop, especially their high heels, I fell in love with them... It was like love from the first sight hahaha...

That's what I bought today from there, a must-have in my eyes for me, because I am carrying my laptop very often... I NEED it.... otherwise my shoulders will be shouting at me to not carry bags with that huge value :D hahaha

I am sorry for the quality of the picture :S I am still waiting for a nikon or a canon... if that happens one day, I assure you I am gonna be photoaddictive :D haha however

Berschka - laptop bag


  1. Of course I'm following your blog!:)
    Have a nice weekend my dear!
    Kisses, Kasia:)

  2. die laptop tasche ist toll :D
    würden uns total über einen besuch freuen ;)
    <3 Fashiondreamers

  3. love the snakeskin print babe!! <3
    i agree bershka has really nice high heels!


  4. Cute bag, love the print! and cute blog :)


..thank you colourlover ♥