Friday, 26 August 2016

Travel – Vacation

Hello colorlovers, 

I hope your summer was or still is being amazing. I haven't had vacation for very long and I was exhausted being only working and studying with no break for 10 years, so when I travelled this summer, I enjoyed it to the fullest!

As you all know I am half egyptian and going back to your homecountry even when feeling a little like a stranger, it still is so gorgeous and overhelming. You get to remember everything when you were there back then. It's very hot over there but bearable, got sunburned but everything is fine :)
I hope I could still find the time to post on my blog regularly, if not you will know that I am active on Instagram. I am not letting you not updated! Stay tuned colorlovers and stay positive!

I love Egypt!!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Paolo Sebastian

Hello colorlovers, 

if there is anything that catches my eyes, then it would be fashion that is inspired by nature! 
The australian couturier Paolo Sebastian and his collection of "The Sleeping Garden" is such a magical dream come true! 

Flattering tulle, chiffon, with embroideries of flowers, and sparkling diamonds, giving the illusion of being that secret garden itself. Such a magneficent collection.

(As a hijabi/turbanista I can't wear such revealing dresses, but who knows maybe there will be someone out there who can do such dresses in a modest way, I am sure there will be a lot of women who would be happy and spendable to own such dresses! And if I find that someone, be sure you will know and see it here on my blog! ;))

What do you think? Do you like the dresses?
Is there anyone who would also like to wear them, whether it will be someone who likes being modest or not?

I am curious about your opinions! To me I wouldn't say no to those beautiful flattering dresses! I would love to jump in one of them (or better all)

See the short video of it

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Hello Colorlover, 

I finally managed to post a new look, due to good weather! I wanted to share with you this look, as I think the spring season needs more colorful prints and pieces. This look isn't colorful, but I love the diamond prints on it.

What do you think? Are prints for spring great or don't you like prints on clothes at all?

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Shop my Illustrations

Hello Colorlovers, 

I have been working on implementing my new illustrations here on my blog so you can purchase them.

All my illustrations are now available on REDBUBBLE
I have two collections, one is called "Cupcake Collection" and the other "Chimera" those were made during my studies at HMKW in Cologne and actually were really fun to create them. 

On my blog you can also see which illustrations are available on the page called "SHOP"

On instagram there will be mostly shown, how the illustrations are made, but some of them can't be shown, because at that time back then, I wasn't capturing the working process, but hope you enjoy the newer collections and feel free to tell me how you like it. 

I also have now a facebook page. You can click here to get to my new facebook page FACEBOOK

The illustrations are available as Posters, Cards, Canvas, Framed Pictures, Photography, Stickers, Mugs, Tote Bags, Throw Pillows, Cases and Skins for electronic devices and T-Shirt/Hoodies.

If you have any questions, you can write me down here in the comments or use the e-mail box on the right bar of my blog, on facebook or through instagram. 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Chen Man Photography for Grazia China

Hello colorlovers, 

I had for a few weeks no internet and was cut out of the world for a while. But hey it's back now and it was pretty much great without internet :) 

Anyways, today I found some lovely photos of the photographer Chen Man

She is a fashion photographer, who studied four years at the Central Academy of Fine Arts High School. She first started learning at the Department of the Central Academy of Drama, and then continued to the Photography Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts to study four years. Her photographic works have been published in well-known fashion magazines.

See here where you can reach her:

I am impressed by her creativity in mixing photography, with drawing and the color contrasts but check out by yourself and let me know what you think of her work of art?

What cought my eyes is her latest work for Grazia China. See the pictures!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Designer of the Week – Vika Gazinskaya

Hello colorlovers, 

I am always impressed by new, to me unknown, designers and find out their amazing work. The following designer is a true fashion artist!

The cuts and the colors and prints, are well put together, to form a complete dress or look. The looks to me, have something of a painting, you can say a minimal art painting. 

The designer is called Vika Gazinskaya, I have never seen a lot of russian fashion designers, and here I have my first impression of how amazing russian fashion designers are.

Their website VIKA GAZINSKAYA is a bit slow loading to me and I couldn't see an actual Spring Summer collection for 2014, except on different pages outside their website like modaoperandi.
So you have to search through the web to see some of the collections. I also found their facebook page just click here.

I especially loved the ones with the rubans and the combination with a short cape full of lovely paisley like patterns. Another things that caught my eye aswell, next to the prints are the straight cuts which make the looks feel timeless to me, just like a painting! A painting on a nice white canvas. 

Well I picked up the looks, that I loved the most, so just let me know what you think and how you like the looks and style of 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Designer of the week – Hamda Al Fahim

Hello colorlovers,

Fall and Winter 14 of the amazing UAE Fashion Designer Hamda Al Fahim has some amazing dresses. 

They are just mindblowing, Loved especially the one with the embroidery, that I have posted on Instagram

Like always I picked up the dresses that I liked the most.

Write in the comments below, how you like them? Would you wear a dress of Hamda Al Fahim on any occasion?
Would love to know your thoughts.. 

BTW: I have a poll on the top right part of my blog, it's for an upcoming project, would be great of you, if you can answer it.. Thank you so much anyways for keeping this page colored xx 

The credits of these pictures you can see in this post are taken from Hamda Al Fahim's Website.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

ChriMaLuxe – Mineral Make-Up

Hello colorlovers, 

I am absolutely not into doing reviews especially not makeup, but I wanted to show you ladies still, this kind of pigmented mineral makeup, that I have been lately using, because I haven't seen it on other bloggers maybe on 2, but it's not that well known somehow.

I was in search for a new makeup and I actually wanted it on a mineral base and came along ChriMaLuxe. They mostly use ingredients like iron oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, etc..and 
they don't use  oils, fats, preservatives, talc and other fragrance substances! So it's absolutely free from harsh chemicals. 

Well I tried 9 examples of them out, and here is what I came up with at the end.

I ordered 9 samples of different categories: eyeshadows, blush, foundation, silk powder and concealer. I have a slightly light skin color with golden undertones.

I absolutely loved the high pigmented eyeshadows. You can easily blend them, so you can reach the color level you like. I love natural colors actually, so that's why I chose brown and a bit of reddish color tones.

Depending the blush No12, it was very very light colored, It doesn't matter how much powder I use of it, it is still light. Sometimes I have to put more and more of it, to reach the right color to contour my face! Well the other blush No04 is really heavy, from this one I just use it on the sides of my cheekbones and I never go in the middle of my face with it, it would look cakey! I guess I chose this wrong for myself.

The Foundation I was very happy with, especially "and actually only the Jasmin caramel one" which was meant for my skincolor. The Jasmin olive opaque is suitable for women with greenish undertones. I thought it would work aswell on me, but it absolutely didn't. Plus if you apply this foundation, your dry patches on your face might not get covered at all. Make sure you moisturize your face if you want to use it. Then it works well.

The concealer was just the master!!! It covered everything!!!
It was just definitely too light. When I put it on myself, it is like you can truly see that I put on concealer, so this is just if you have a really pale white skintone. I wouldn't use this concealer ever as concealer but more brighten up little dark patches. It totally covered up the blush as you can see on the last photo. My favorite concealer still will remain the one from benefit "fake up".

I haven't put a photo of it here, because I really think it is just a usual powder with no effects. I just couldn't see any effect of it on my skin to be honest. Whatever I do there doesn't show up any noticable results.

So, to use these mineral powders, is good if you mix the pigments with your daily make-up or the foundations with your facial creams. If you use them without mixing it with other cosmetics, then you have to make sure to use a very good brush and blend well. 

Tell me what you think of them, and is there anyone who also tried them out, if so how did you like it?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Poppy's Closet

Hello colorlovers, 

hope you all are fine. Today's post is going to be about a brand called Poppy's Closet.

Today I just got a lovely gift from them and I loved it a lot. It came with a cute little crown pluggy for the iPhone, a lipstick and the necklace.

You can visit their page here Poppy's Closet

They have every time so many lovely stuff and jewelries, that I am sure it can suit to any girl and woman, just play around ;)

My whole outfit is from H&M except the headscarf which is from samias treasure and the necklace which is from Poppy's Closet as I have mentioned up :) 

Oh, and Eid Sa3eed to my followers who are celebrating ;) wish you enjoy it with your families and friends.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Alexander McQueen resort 2013

Hello Colorlovers, 

I just found these amazing looks in my archive of Alexander McQueen and thought to show you. 
How amazing each piece is, and all with not overhelming gold accents and colors.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Designer of the week – Alexis Mabille

Hello Colorlovers, 

hope you enjoy your days, and ramadan goes well with my muslim readers. Fasting isn't actually only about feeling hungry and thirsty, but just to feel how others need our help and how good we are living sometimes, even our pains and aches and losses, are nothing towards millions of others who are suffering from diseases and problems we can't even imagine. We should be helping each other and not planting hatred and negativity around the world, because we all live in it and what goes around comes back around, to all of us. There is so much more to learn through this month of Ramadan.

Now to the designer of the week, who isn't actually unknown but I had to mention him on my blog. Since I have seen his designs on a girl wearing it on lookbook. I wondered who the designer is. I love the fabrics he uses and the cuts. The designer I am talking about is called Alexis Mabille. He is currently living in Marais, Paris (France).

You can visit his page here Alexis Mabille

or his eShop here Alexis Mabille eShop

I picked up those pieces that I loved the most and especially that it's flattering and that some suited my thoughts of dressing modest but still in fashion. The mixture of tulle with different fabrics makes it so feminine.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Fashion Post - Turbans

Hello colorlovers, 

hope you enjoy your days. Today's post won't be about one special designer but about where to find turbans and the way you can tie them, as I have been asked lately where to find turbans. 

The turban is in the eastern world a symbol of protection and respect. It's popular in places like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Middle East, North and East Africa, South Asia and parts of Jamaica. The turban can vary in the way you style it, there are several styles you can do.

In the 20's Paul Poiret made the turban in the western area en vogue, and ever since it became popular, a benchmark for luxury and class. Chanel and Prada made the turban stand out more in the 50's and 60's. Famous film stars like
Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren wore it.

It's actually really easy. The first time I saw the turban I thought it was difficult and not as easy as it looks like and was worried if the turban will stay in position on my head without worrying that during the day it looks like if I had a scarf war.

Well, I think many women had the same problem as me and that's why a lot of designers felt obliged to design the most popular headscarf style as a ready to wear piece. 
I came across a lot of designers, who deal with rich materials and understand what a woman with standards wants indeed, to look good on any occasion.

First of all it's good to know how it's tied.
There are several videos and vloggers who shows how to tie a turban step by step. 

The easiest ones are these ones.

or check out this one

or this one

I would have put lots more, but I just picked the ones where I think it's easy to begin with, and are  nice to try out with lots of other styles. So be creative.

Now as so many still don't want to do it on their own, you are able to find several boutiques and shops.

I am going to list some boutiques and turban sellers you can wear ready.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Let things come as they go…!

Hello colorlovers, 

I hope you enjoy your days. In Germany it's raining most of the time, pretty much good in the ramadan season. Anyway, this post is all about Kimono's and how to style it.

To me a Kimono is all about the fabric and the print.
If one of it, or both aspects fail, it's not a kimono it's just a piece of fabric. I love Kimono's but only have one sadly in my wardrobe. I am always inspired by asian art and cuisine and that's why a kimono definitely had to be in my wardrobe. There are so many boutiques, designers and shops who sell beautiful kimonos.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Fashion Post – L'AFSHAR

Hello colorlovers, 

hope you are enjoying your days.
Today's designer is about L'ASFSHAR.
The designer Lilian Afshar is ancestrally from Iran but lives in Dubai. She also travelled across other cities like, London, Marbella and Vancouver.

One thing that caught my attention on her designs is the scarab beetle that is on each of her clutches. The scarab is a common bug in the middle east, and the dragonfly
is a symbol of change, adaptability, joy and strength.

She describes the scarab and dragonfly mix as "East meets West"
The price range of each of the clutches are between 250-550€
The clutch is made of acrylic perspex material, which is transparent and the scarab beetle is lasered on each of her designs.
They come in three sizes
Small = 14,5cm x 7,5cm
Medium = 19,5cm x 10cm
Large = 24cm x 14cm

I picked up my favorite clutches of her collections.
Check out her website for more.


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fashion Post - Zaam

Hello colorlover, 

today's fashion post is about the brand "Zaam". 
It's an egyptian brand for bags and clutches with amazing patterns and unique shapes and textures. 
Their prices for the bags and clutches are absolutely affordable.

Sad thing about that all is that he doesn't have a website, you can only contact him through facebook, or via instagram.

I can't wait to order soon!!!!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream

Hello colorlovers, 

I have a new look update. I love those aztec prints and the simple color mixed with aztec or in general oriental or geometric pattern.

Will list you where you can actually purchase them.

Headscarf: Samias Treasure
Sunglasses: HandM
Jacket: Gina Tricot
Pants: Mango

Maison Scotch for about 88€

Well this one actually from asos
but their page is closed due to a fire :/ 

Missguided for 15£

Mango for 17,99€

Zara for about 50€

Hope you can find what you need :)

Fashion Magazine - CUT

Hello colorlovers, 

sun is shining! In some places more and in some places less. Well Egypt is suffering from 34 degrees which is hot as hell and here in Germany it's 19 and a bit cold, even Turkey is hotter than here. 

Well anyways, I was going to look for a good magazine which has nice cuts and looks, I hate it when in fashion magazines you only see adverstisement every second page, I mean I wouldn't mind if it was a good dolce and gabbana advertisement or a nice intimissimi ad, but hey this really gets on my nerves when the people on the ads just wear some simple stuff and the product flashes through the paper. 
I know where the products are and which are new and we nearly find them on every bus stop or train station. 

However, I was near to buy Harpers Bazaar and Porter, but loved more the ones of italy and then a nice interesting new magazine popped up in front of my eyes. I think it's rare to find new magazines soooo amazing! I am not exaggerating. It's called "CUT"
Yeah it's really called CUT.. I loved the simplicity, (nice strategy to pick it up and see what's inside). It has something of BURDA MAGAZINE but CUT is for younger people. I think for younger people this magazine is aboslutely amazing, as it has very nice stuff to do on your own at home. The magazine "CUT" is lead by the trend "DIY" do it yourself trend. Nice start into the huge fashion industry.

Plus it's super cute on how it's written :) see the pictures below!

visit the online page here, but suggest you to see the magazine ;)

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Video Alert - x.pose

Check this out colorlover,

I just found this on the net and it's pretty crazy, but shows truly how our www society is like!

Just watch!

PS: more about wearable tech soon ;)


Friday, 20 June 2014

Fashion Post - C'est tout

Hello colorlovers, 

today's fashion post is about the brand "c'est tout". C'est tout has its place in Berlin - Germany. 
Behind the brand is the fashion designer Katja Will. She actually is french, but loved to live in Berlin. Before she became a fashion designer, she worked after high school in an agency called Jung von Matt, which is very popular for graphicdesigners and advertisers.
With 20 she started to work as a freelance stylist.

Her collections all has something comfortable, she thinks that's the idea of what her collections should be. They are designed for the comfortable loving woman.

Here are some pictures so you can imagine how her collections look like. You can also find her website here C'est tout