Friday, 26 August 2016

Travel – Vacation

Hello colorlovers, 

I hope your summer was or still is being amazing. I haven't had vacation for very long and I was exhausted being only working and studying with no break for 10 years, so when I travelled this summer, I enjoyed it to the fullest!

As you all know I am half egyptian and going back to your homecountry even when feeling a little like a stranger, it still is so gorgeous and overhelming. You get to remember everything when you were there back then. It's very hot over there but bearable, got sunburned but everything is fine :)
I hope I could still find the time to post on my blog regularly, if not you will know that I am active on Instagram. I am not letting you not updated! Stay tuned colorlovers and stay positive!

I love Egypt!!!!

These photos below were in a very old city in Egypt, it's called el hussein. Usually tourists come here to buy handmade sculptures and woven fabrics like rugs and bags. Or even just live the life centuries back with original handmade food and shisha. Simply everything! As you can see even some people on the photos wear some oldfashioned garments. It's very beautiful!

The dark side of here is that Poverty is seen now clearer. This wasn't the case years back!



It was an amazing time here with all its weather and fresh air aswell as the beauty of the sea! With its cristall clear view underneath your feet while being inside the sea!


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