Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fashion Magazine - CUT

Hello colorlovers, 

sun is shining! In some places more and in some places less. Well Egypt is suffering from 34 degrees which is hot as hell and here in Germany it's 19 and a bit cold, even Turkey is hotter than here. 

Well anyways, I was going to look for a good magazine which has nice cuts and looks, I hate it when in fashion magazines you only see adverstisement every second page, I mean I wouldn't mind if it was a good dolce and gabbana advertisement or a nice intimissimi ad, but hey this really gets on my nerves when the people on the ads just wear some simple stuff and the product flashes through the paper. 
I know where the products are and which are new and we nearly find them on every bus stop or train station. 

However, I was near to buy Harpers Bazaar and Porter, but loved more the ones of italy and then a nice interesting new magazine popped up in front of my eyes. I think it's rare to find new magazines soooo amazing! I am not exaggerating. It's called "CUT"
Yeah it's really called CUT.. I loved the simplicity, (nice strategy to pick it up and see what's inside). It has something of BURDA MAGAZINE but CUT is for younger people. I think for younger people this magazine is aboslutely amazing, as it has very nice stuff to do on your own at home. The magazine "CUT" is lead by the trend "DIY" do it yourself trend. Nice start into the huge fashion industry.

Plus it's super cute on how it's written :) see the pictures below!

visit the online page here, but suggest you to see the magazine ;)

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