Friday, 5 October 2012

CairoKee - egyptian band

Hey Colourlover 

today I'd like to introduce you an egyptian band called CairoKee... 

It was really funny how I found this band, I was listening to the song of Egyptian Hip Hop -Moon Crooner- but after a while I got bored with the song and just typed by fun, Cairo.. 

and there came the bandname "CairoKee".. :D haha I must admit, at first I wasn't really into it, because I needed something like Nickelback.. but I loved the lyrics and their songs.. The saddest thing is, I didn't find any website of them, they just have a fan-page on facebook

As you can see, the Bandname comes from Cairo and karaoke and yes the band is from Cairo and their songs are all in arabic.. :)

here you can see a video of them, I really really liked it, you can check out other songs of them on their facebook fan-page...

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