Saturday, 4 August 2012

2nd Vernissage - BEZEIGUNG

Hi Peacocks!!!

Lots of work, stress and lack of sleep... I am sure that I need holidays :)
The Graphic-Design Team in my University of HKMW made the 2nd Vernissage and I must admit I have learned in the 2nd term a lot. anyway I am too tired now, but I have to learn for the exams to get prepared for the next 2 weeks and I just want to get some sleep... Yeah,this is university life.... anyway it's great to see the work you did on the walls and people are watching your designs you did and I'd really love to repeat this kind of experience...
Really it's like if you are getting a trophy, "yeaaah you did it!" :D haha I know sounds strange but it is like that for me..
I mean I was sitting there for hours to design something even if the sun was shining outside and I don't have the chance to get out... but DEADLINE is DEADLINE !!! who cares, at the end it is the final work you present to the whole public... and that matters!! :)
Not only I was showing my work, no.. the rest of my course were also showing their work... as you can see behind me 
(some works of others)

the picture above is me, I have illustrated myself :) 
don't worry I made lots of other things like a product campaign, Illustrations, not the one you see above but others, decopattern, 
newspaper redesign, typographical and colour contrasts.... and many many other works :)
maybe I will upload it also...

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