Saturday, 4 February 2012

My birthday

Hi colourful peacocks,

I still can't believe it, I am 20 on one hand I am happy on the other I feel like I am running to the 30's... "wrinkles, forgetting too much things as I do now :S it's such a crazy feeling

I remember when I was young and wished to be just 17... not 16 and not 18, No! Just 17. I'm not sure why but I loved this age.... anyway I passed my day with a beautiful friend of mine sitting in a restaurant near the rhine... after that I celebrated a little with my family so nothing big, but their presence made my day one of the best days ever... :D I just love them...

I didn't have the time to post all the presents that I got
but I can say that they were amazing xx

one of the presents

the cake :>


  1. Such a cute blog! Shall we follow each other? I'm your 70th follower :)

    Love, Mary


..thank you colourlover ♥