Friday, 30 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - Welcome 2012

It was to me a year full of surprises and many knowledges I newly collected...
Many new people I got to know, some bad some good,It was the craziest year I've ever been through... painful, and sometimes absolutely happy... I am happy about my studying... I am happy that I got my new canon baby xD haha xxx, that soo many are following my page Thank you all
this year I really know, that life is like a rollercoaster... I am  wondering what 2012 has got for me... I hope isa. good things :S even if it is impossible because it is unrealistic...  enough of talking too much,

A new year, new chapter, new luck, new game, less disasters! :P wish you all a happy new year peacocks !!
let's colour the next year much brighter and much happier !!!

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