Sunday, 14 August 2011

Colours and their meaning

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Today I show you the colours and their meanings and on which type of woman does it fit. 
Not every colour does fit on everyone, I suppose that every girl or woman woke up in the morning and said to her self OMG I'm looking weak and I have big dark eye circles.
 Yeah it may be sometimes real that you don't look good because you came home late at night after a party or you think you are fat because you've eaten too much of your grandma's cake. Ladies it's sometimes a matter of a right choice of colour.

anyway I am going to show you how you can find your right colour and how you can escape from the monotony of your daily life, while choosing the right colour.

In the beginning we have to know that there are spring types, summer types, autumn types and winter types.

 Spring Woman:
The spring type of woman has got a peach teint, bright skin and bright coloured hair.

colours: white, beige, brown, gold, red, rosé, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple
attention !!!! DON'T use jeansblue, cool brown or black

Summer Woman:
The summer type of woman has got a little blue undertone on her skin. Summer-women can have blonde or brown hair brown or blue eyes, their teint can be different sometimes tender and light, completely pastel or totally rosé. Many summer-women has got freckles, like the spring-women. A summer woman can wear every colour but it depends on the colour nuance she selects.

colours: red, rosé and pink, purple, brown, beige and yellow, green, white, blue
attention !!!! DON'T use gold, orange or black

Autumn Woman:
every autumn woman (it doesn't matter if she has got a teint in bronze, ivory, beigegold, or peach coloured) has got a little pale teint, also the hair is mostly warm like the autumn itself.

colours: brown, beige, yellow, red, rosé, pink, green, (blue), orange
attention !!!! DON'T use white ( you can use ivory), black, not every blue nuance fits

Winter Woman:
A winter woman has got a light teint with a blue undertone on her skin, without make-up those women look very pale. winter woman has got sometimes an olive coloured undertone on their skin. Winter woman don't get bronze after tanning. 

colours: black, white, red, flashy pink, navy blue, ink blue, purple, green
attention !!!! DON'T use orange, grey, yellow

Lets start with BLACK


it symbolizes:

- secret 
- tradition
- power
- objectivity
- strength
- darkness
- erotism
- seriousness



it symbolizes:

- extravagance
- feminism
- power
- solemnity
- magic
- modernity
- nostalgia
- exceptional



it symbolizes:

- technology
- nature
- water
- serenity
- coolness
- calmness
- seriousness



- objectivity
- coolness
- freshness
- sporty
- winter
- youthfulness
- distance



- sun
- brightness
- modernity
- poison
- envy
- optimism
- cleanliness



- energy
- heat
- restlessness
- innovation
- dynamics
- fun
- pleasure
- artificiality



- love
- energy
- blood
- war
- passion
- danger
- heat
- fire



- youthfulness
- romance
- dynamic
- heat
- femininity
- communication


- cleanliness
- objectivity
- ghost
- snow
- brightness
- truth
- seriousness


  1. my fav colours are black and red and I have some of the features! :)

    great blog! I'm a new follower!

  2. my fav colors are magenta and red!! kisses, cute blog.

  3. ♥ My fav coulor is purple.. i love it :)


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