Saturday, 11 June 2011

Rectangle Body Shape

Hello ladies,

Today I am going to show you the rectangle body shape....
Many ladies who have a rectangle body shape do not have any curves, they have, as it is called, a rectangle body shape. The shoulders are in the same size as the hips and they do not even have any well defined waist, maybe some have got but it is not much well defined... Don't worry ladies, many women would like to have a body shape like you, because you do not have to cover any unliked zones and you do not have to decide too long in fashion stores, like  "which dress would look better, or nooo I can't wear this cause my hips looks fat or ohh noo my boobs are looking like a xD sea cow, (I know some women who said this).
But we know that no one is perfect, rectangle body shapes have to create some curves to bring out their femininity.


  • Shoulder pads to emphasize your shoulders. This may sound very 80s advice, but they really do work. However, they should not be too large and definitely shouldn't be visible
  • Semi-fitted clothes
  • If you have firm upper arms, short-sleeves and sleeve-less tops and dresses
  • Medium to high necklines
  • Dresses that wrap or flow through the waistline
  • Straight to gently flared flat-fronted pants
  • A-line shirts


    • Clingy fabrics
    • Fitted clothes
    • Low necklines
    • Baggy tops
    • Baggy pants
    • Narrow skirts

      famous rectangle body shapes: Fern Britton, Mel C, Rachel Hunter, Cat Deeley


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