Monday, 30 May 2011

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I was asked by many bloggers and peoples, which clothes do fit for their body shapes and which colours do look better. SO I want to tell you those secrets, but because it is a huge topic I will az first start with the many different bodyshapes and then move on to the colours (the colours are divided into 4 categories: spring type, summer type, autumn type and winter type).
Every day " and I will try to do that everyday" I am going to show you all of those parts and styles u can use.  I start with the hourglass type...:)

The hourglass type is known as the perfect body shape.
The full hips and the bust are in the same widths

famous hourglass shaped stars: Coleen Nolan, Nigella Lawson, Kelly Brook, Scarlett Johansson

female hourglass figureDo's
  • Fitted and semi-fitted clothes
  • Soft, clingy, flowing fabrics
  • Low to medium-low necklines
  • Dresses with defined waistlines
  • Straight and gently flared pants
  • Straight and gently flared shirts
  • Stiff, bulky, fabrics
  • Baggy styles
  • High necklines (unless you have a small bust)
  • Skirts with open pleats
  • Very tapered pants

she's the second from left:  

Coleen Nolan

Nigella Lawson

Kelly Brook

Scarlett Johansson


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