Thursday, 17 February 2011


Hi everyone :D,

i have made on tuesday some great experiences with capturing pictures on a very old way.
A photogram is an image which is taken without a camera, it is mostly made in 20th century. That's why i was so fascinated with, because i had to decide clearly and very detailed about what i wanted to capture. Not many people like photograms, i do not know why? it is so much fun.

Today we take our digital camera and make thousands of shots and then decide whether it is good or not, but we do not take care of many things while capturing a photo.

For making this image i used coffee powder, some rings, a khamsa hand which was a souvenir a friend of me got and a plastic transparency.

Maybe photogram is very old fashioned, i loved it, and it was really amazing too ;)
I just only can recommend it for you to make this experience.

I will show you two of my photos that i took.
I hope you like it and please leave some comments and tell me how you like it ;)
Thanks in advance!


  1. this is hamsa, i love hamsa

  2. yes it is exactly;), and there are some of my rings i bought from H&M ;) and coffe powderxD


..thank you colourlover ♥