Thursday, 9 December 2010

What you don't see

I went there yesterday with Luisa^^ and it was awesome i was impressed by the director Wolfang Fischer. I thought it would be boring, but the sounds, the music and the location are really fantastic. I was really impressed:)

Here a short summary about what happened in the Film:
Late summer, Brittany. 17-year-old Anton goes to a holiday cottage on the craggy Atlantic coast with his mother, Luzia and her lover, Paul. Luzia is hoping for a new start in her life with Paul, but is also looking for a way to get closer to Anton, from whom she has been estranged ever since his father’s death. As the harmony between Luzia and Paul increases, Anton is pushed out onto the jagged coastal landscape. It is there that he meets the mysterious, David. David is wild, impetuous and afraid of nothing. He exposes Anton to a world without rules. Anton is fascinated by David, his strength and self-confidence.

Through David, Anton meets Katja and is immediately attracted to her. He senses that she is just as lost and neglected as he is. Katja and David, who live alone in the neighboring house, draw Anton into an increasing vortex of emotional confusion – where sexual enlightenment, subtle seduction and surprising violence all play a part. Meanwhile, Luzia and Paul fail in their efforts to close the gap between themselves and Anton.


..thank you colourlover ♥